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Traditional Wisdom

The Apaches have helped their people with a fully developed, effective, and long-standing traditional healing system for centuries.  In this system, Apaches view well-being as something that requires physical, spiritual, emotional and social balance.  This holistic approach applies to the health of individuals, families and the community.  When one part of a person or a community is broken or out of balance, it impacts the other areas as well. 

The Wellness Center recognizes and honors traditional wisdom and the teachings of tribal elders and healers.  In support of this, we offer different programs for clients and staff that encourage balance in all four areas of health.  Because some challenges are believed to be the specific result of spiritual imbalance or wrong practices, the Wellness Center urges clients to seek services from respected medicine men and medicine women in the community and/or to consult with their pastors and priests.  With your permission, your counselor or therapist will work with your spiritual advisor as an aspect of your treatment planning to bring about a more holistic approach to your well-being.

While many of the licensed professionals on staff have been trained in Western healing methods, the Wellness Center staff are continually working together to create a dynamic healing process that integrates the wisdom and interventions found in both traditional and Western healing models. We believe these are complimentary resources you can access as you move along the red road of healing.