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Support Groups

Group therapy is a highly effective form of intervention.  The Wellness Center offers both therapeutic and educational groups that cover a wide variety of topics, such as our 1st and 2nd grade school-based social skills development groups and our adult women’s expressive therapy group.  Some groups are “open groups” which mean you can start or stop any time, like our substance abuse groups and men’s drum group.  Other groups, like our domestic violence and DUI classes, are “closed groups” which means there is a set curriculum with a pre-determined start and stop date, so you can’t join midway.  Unlike self-help groups (like AA) where anyone can come to a meeting, all Wellness Center support groups can only be accessed by enrolled clients.

Anyone participating in a support group is expected to follow some simple rules.  First and foremost, you must protect the confidentiality of any information shared within the group.  You must come to group sober and clean, turn-off and put away all electronic devices, and show respect to all who participate.  Because interruptions can disrupt group process and because of the legal requirements of some court orders, you must come to group no later than 15 minutes after it is scheduled to start if you want to participate.  Additionally, to keep the groups effective, there is a limit on the number of participants who can be present.  With most of our adult groups, this is capped at 14 people.  Consequently, if you must attend a group session to meet a court requirement, we recommend you come early to ensure you have a seat.