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Substance Abuse Group

The Wellness Center offers a variety of services for help with alcohol and drug abuse.  We have licensed substance abuse counselors trained to offer individual, family, and group counseling.  We sponsor a 16-hour DUI psychoeducational class that meets all of the state’s required DUI learning objectives – something you have to complete to get your driver’s license back if it has been removed by the state.  We help you find detox and rehab placements when appropriate.  We also offer a tremendous number of groups each week that address substance abuse in different ways.  These groups count toward court orders, state-mandated DUI treatment, Drug Court, and other required treatment programs. 

Group therapy has been found to be the most effective way of treating substance abuse and is frequently a prerequisite if you want to be accepted into an in-patient rehabilitation program.  To help you successful participate in group therapy, there are several expectations and rules for all attending group sessions:

Because interruptions can disrupt group process and because of the legal requirements of some court orders, you must come to group no later than 15 minutes after it is scheduled to start if you want to participate.  Additionally, to keep the groups effective, there is a limit on the number of participants who can be present.  With most of our adult groups, this is capped at 14 people.  Consequently, if you must attend a group session to meet a court requirement, we recommend you come early to ensure you have a seat.