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Starting Services

To begin services, for adults you will first need to contact the Peridot Wellness Center (928-475-1500), for child services you will need to contact the San Carlos Wellness Center (928-475-4875) and ask to schedule an initial intake appointment

This initial intake appointment will take about an hour and you will meet with one of our trained case managers. After the intake, you will be assigned to see a counselor or therapist.

At your intake, you will be asked to sign consent and release forms that will give the Wellness Center legal permission to see you or your child.

Background information will also be gathered on you and your situation, which will then be passed along to your assigned counselor or therapist. This information helps to create the right treatment plan just for you. It is also required that we gather this information before services can begin, per regulations from the State of Arizona.

If you are court ordered for DUI treatment, you will also be asked at your intake appointment to stay for an additional hour to complete two assessment measures that the State of Arizona legally requires. The MAST is a paper and pencil survey and the DRI-2 is a computer-based test. If you have any challenges with reading, our staff will assist you in this process.