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The Wellness Center collaborates with many of the local schools, even setting up agreements that let us have offices in some of their facilities.  We offer before-school and after-school programs, in-school mentoring and therapy, programs during school breaks, summer camps, and Extreme Warriors weekend adventure programming (such as hiking, rock climbing, river rafting, skiing, surfing, etc.) for kids involved in our Young Warriors school programs.  Our school-based staff members take kids on field trips to museums, ball games, concerts and a wide variety of different venues.  They also sponsor award-winning Odyssey of the Mind and Chess Club opportunities for kids and do outreach to parents through our Family Night programs.  When requested, we have our clinic-based staff go into the schools to do observations and consultations anywhere from Head Start to high schools, and at public and private and charter schools.  We mainly work with San Carlos, Bylas, and Fort Thomas schools, though we have done some outreach programs to Apache kids attending the Globe Alternative School.