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Missed Apointment

Last year the Wellness Center served over 6,600 people with over 31,000 clinical services, in addition to more than 29,000 prevention contacts.  This means that about 45% of the enrolled members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe were somehow connected clinically to services from the Wellness Center.  All of this activity has made the Wellness Center the busiest tribally-run behavioral health clinic in the Southwest. 
With all these people coming to the clinic, you sometimes have to wait for an opening to be seen for services.  Your appointment reserves a time specifically for you to work with your case manager, counselor, therapist or psychiatrist.  If you miss your appointment, you will be rescheduled at the next available appointment slot which may mean a longer wait.  We recommend you call to cancel and reschedule as soon as possible if you find that your scheduled appointment time will not work for you.
If your work or school or probation officer is requiring you attend sessions at the Wellness Center, then they may ask for a report on your attendance.  If you are sent to the Wellness Center by another agency, you must give written permission (called a “Release of Information” form) for any letters or reports sent out about you.  If you are court-ordered to therapy, the court doesn’t need your permission to check on you.  The Wellness Center usually reports three things:  your kept appointments (such as intake, assessment, individual therapy, or group therapy), missed appointments, and any rescheduled appointments.