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The Administrative Team is led by the Program Manager and includes all mid-level managers or the leaders of the other teams (the Office Manager, Clinical Director, and Prevention Team Leader). 

Dr. Gail Sims, Program ManagerDr. Gail Sims
AO/Program Manager
Ph: 928.475.2798, Ext. 1409
Fax: 928.475.4880
Mary Casoose, Prevention ManagerMary Casoose
Prevention Manager
Ph: 928.475.2798, Ext. 1404
Fax: 928.475.4880
Nina Moses, Office ManagerNina Moses
Office Manager
Ph: 928.475.2798, Ext. 1401
Fax: 928.475.4880
Dr. Thea Wilshire, Clinical DirectorDr. Thea Wilshire
Clinical Director
Ph: 928.475.2798, Ext. 1426
Fax: 928.475.4880





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